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If you could test your food for gluten in 2 minutes or less would you?

Nima is a suite of products to promote joyful,
healthy living that allows you to trust your food.

A portable gluten sensor that detects the presence of gluten in your food in under 2 minutes.

An application that allows you to report and share test results and other restaurant feedback with others so that you know where it is safe to eat.

A community you build that shares tips and tricks for safe eating with people who have similar dietary profiles.

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Food Identity : What We Believe

You should be able to trust your food.

Food allergies or sensitivities are not a limit to a life well-lived and well-enjoyed.

Each of us has a singular, individual relationship with food and ingredients.

Food transparency is important to making informed, healthful decisions.

Mealtime is about enjoyment of food & company—not worrying about repercussions from unknown allergens.

Providing freedom of food intake provides social freedom.

Nima exists so you can eat with confidence and stay healthy.

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