The 6SensorLabs Manifesto:
Our Beliefs and Mission

You should be able to trust your food.

You should always know that the food in front of you is the food you expected.


Mealtime is about enjoyment, not anxiety.

A shared meal is something we all enjoy; togetherness and joy are basic rights. You should never need to worry or feel isolation during a mealtime.


Food transparency is your best tool for making informed, healthy decisions.

Chemistry-based food tests can help you to know what you can eat, and why.


Food sensitivities aren’t a limitation to a life well-lived.

Freedom to eat the way you want is freedom to live the way you want.


We exist so that you can eat with confidence and live your life well.


Meet the people behind Nima.

Shireen Taleghani
Co-Founder & CEO

I've been leading a gluten-free diet for the past 8 years because I'm gluten allergic along with being soy, dairy, egg intolerant. I am always on the hunt for ways to dine safely​​. I founded 6SensorLabs because I am ​driven to help help​ ​people lead healthier lives.

Scott Sundvor
Co-Founder & CTO

I follow a gluten-free diet to help control my Ulcerative Colitis and tend to follow healthy eating habits in general. I founded 6SensorLabs because it sits at the intersection of the two things I'm most passionate about: beautifully designed products and healthy living.

Nima is made possible by our passionate team. Read more at 6SensorLabs.